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Complete Digital Marketing

It has been said that the future is digital, but that time has already come. If you aren’t putting a healthy marketing budget toward digital efforts, you’re going to be left in the dust (if you haven’t been already).

As modern marketing involves a wide range of highly specialised skills (design, copywriting, SEO, coding, data analysis, etc), many organisations turn to marketing agencies to help them increase leads and build value from existing customers.



Setters Group Agency focusses on MORE than just Instagram and pretty pictures. We cover all platforms, look at the new trends and growth potentials constantly. We are always one step ahead with our advanced tech tools and software programs.

We are basically offering you digital marketing services, from A to Z. But, if you have some of it covered, or you need just one or few of our services, that is still okay, we can offer you H, I, J or A, P and M, the plans are completely customizable.

3 Reasons Why You Should Work With An Agency:

You don’t get one consultant; you get a team.

It’s one thing to bring on new talent or work with a consultant, but when you bring on a marketing agency you’re getting a team of experts who live and breathe this stuff. 
Agencies are full of fast-paced marketers who love solving problems. Even if you have a core team you work with day-to-day, chances are we’re also fielding your challenges to additional colleagues to best inform our strategies. This type of collaboration helps keep things fresh, well informed, heavily vetted (and successful).
AND you save a bunch of costs as a whole team will work for you for 1 fee. Compare that to hiring that same amount of freelancers.

Our experience spans industry verticals.

While having category expertise is essential, working with a group that has experiences outside of your own industry is key. The more I spend time in the industry, the more I’m amazed by common themes and lessons learned that we’ve been able to apply to our clients. 

From web accessibility, to compliance on social media, to optimizing paid search performance and more, a marketing agency has its hands in a lot of projects at any given time. This kind of experience saves time, money and other potential pitfalls.

Working with a marketing agency helps bridge the skills gap.

With so many new approaches and emerging technologies, it’s crazy to assume your organization can (or should) keep up by staffing for all of them. Many businesses are experiencing talent gaps, not for lack of talent altogether, but lack of new and evolving skill sets. 

Working with an agency that has these skills is a great way to assess if certain skills or tactics are beneficial to your organization. It can also help you evaluate if it makes sense to bring these types of capabilities in house.

We Offer Different Digital Marketing Packages

Complete Digital Marketing
Set-Up & Maintenance
Basic Social Media Set-Up
HyperGrow Services
  • Complete Social Media Management: Instagram, Facebook, Linked-In, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube & TripAdvisor/ any other platform matching your business.
  • Paid Advertisement 
  • Graphics & Branding
  • E-Mail Marketing & Lead Magnets
  • SEO, Web Development & Maintenance 
  • ​Direct Outreach & Pitching
  • ​Project Management
  • ​Business Development & Strategy
One of our MOST loved services is our Pinterest and Linked-In Growth strategy. 

Pinterest is one of the only social platforms that categorizes in Google. Sometimes your Pinterest can appear above your website in Google's ranking. So it's definitely not only for pretty pictures. 

Linked-In is about to be the new Instagram; Algorithm and Engagement wise. It's turning more and more into a social platform rather than a job/ professional website. 




The amount of times that your advertisement has been viewed by a visitor or displayed on a webpage



A like button is a feature in communication software, where the user can express that they like, enjoy or support certain content.



We manage the budget provided by our clients and utilize it effectively and efficiently



When someone clicks on your ad, it will count as one click.

Setters Group worked with named brands such as:


Paid Advertisement

Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube & More

You have to invest some money and time to reap the rewards of online advertising as platforms are changing their algorithms. Paid social media advertising results in more business and better customer targeting. Additionally, it also increases your sales, exposes your brand and allows you to access your mobile customers easily.

Web Development, Maintenance & SEO

We Develop Websites From Scratch 
& Maintain Existing Websites

We are experienced with: Shopify, WordPress, Elementor, WIX, BuilderAll, ClickFunnels and more.
We mainly work with our partner hosting SiteGround, as it's proven time after time it's quality.
We have a portfolio of E-Commerce Stores, Business To Business, Blogs, Product Pages & Sales Funnels.

Furthermore, we work constantly on improving the websites SEO. We do this from the backend of the website, Google My Business and we acquire relevant backlinks through direct outreach.

Accreditations & Partners


Graphic Creation & Branding

Strong Branding Across All Channels

Your brand identity is how you want to portray your business to your customers, and includes how you choose your business name, the design of your logo, the colours and shapes or graphics you use, and the type of language you use (your “tone of voice”).

Brand identity is different to brand image, which is the result of these efforts. I.e. a good brand identity translates into a positive brand image.

Instagram Management & Coordination
We Pride Ourselves In Aesthetics 

A unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetic is not just visually pleasing, but can greatly improve brand recognition and business success. It will convey your brand's voice, personality, and help your followers instantly recognize your content when it appears on the feed.

Linked-In & Pinterest HyperGrowth

We Hyper Grow Your Pinterest &/OR Linked-In Personal Page

Pinterest is the ONLY social media platform truly categorizing in Google's SEO. Having a growing Pinterest account can sometimes even put your pinterest profile higher than you own website in Google Ranking. So it's not only for visuals and traffic, also for SEO!

Linked-In is not what it's supposed to be anymore. It's for more than just jobs. It's to build a network and connect to potential customers, clients & partners. We can target your customer avatar directly.

E-Mail Marketing & Lead Magnets

Experienced with Active Campaign, 
MailerLite, Mailchimp, G-Suite & More

Email marketing allows you to build relationships with leads, customers and past customers. It's your opportunity to speak directly to them in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them. Coupled with the right messaging, email can become one of your most impactful marketing channels.

We also pitch directly to customers or partners as part of our direct outreach strategy. 
Furthermore, we develop lead magnets to organically grow your mailing list. 

Ronald Claus

Talent Acquisition Recruitment Operations Manager UK & Ireland at Hilton
Marjet (the founder) has been a fantastic asset to the TA team from the very beginning
This person comes from the generation Z and brought with her knowledge of the latest tech-tools and apps that we were able to utilize to make our daily work cooler" and more effective. She supports the management team with various projects including the Social Media project and the organization of events.
Whatever we throw at her she always accepts with a big smile and nothing is ever too much!
Her commitment is second to none, she demonstrates creativity in whatever she does, a can-do attitude and is a real team player!

Irene Hoff

Art Irene Hoff - Dutch International Selling Artist
I have been working with the Setters group for almost a year now and I am so happy I found them! They have added great value to my company which is in the art business. They are very flexible, respond quickly and patient in solving any problems. If they do not yet have the skill inhouse, they will either get an expert in or study it themselves. They are very creative and always find ways to make things work, as can be imagined working with a creative such as myself, that is a challenge not everybody can handle 😉. I intend to continue working with the Setters group for the long-term and to steadily further grow the business and embrace trending and up to date solutions to market my art.

Jan Beekwilder

Executive Coach & Growth Hacker, Business Owner
This year I started working with the Setters Group for one of my companies. After working for 20 years in the online business I was very impressed with their skills. They are proactive, practical and fast. Up-to-date knowledge about the newest marketing channels, software, tools and platforms but more important,  extremely result driven.  

I recommended them without hesitation to several companies in my network and they have proven themselves over and over.

Five stars rating for this all-star team!!

All Of Our Services:


Social Media Marketing

Web Development

E-Mail Marketing

Paid Ads

Augmented Reality



Lead Generation

Content Creation


Split Testing

Google My Business

Review Management

Reporting & Analytics


Market Research

Pitching & Outreach

Tech Support